Welcome to my official website for my Instagram page @MCM! Please continue reading if you are wanting to be featured on my page. Thank you!

    • Story or 1hr

    • $30

      • 1 Hour Shoutout
      • or 24 hour story post
      • Caption + Tag
    • 24 Hours

    • $60

      • Caption
      • Tag
      • 24 Hour Post
    • Perm

    • $80

      • Caption
      • Tag
      • Permanent Post

    • $120

      • 2 Perm Posts
      • Caption + Tag
      • Best Option!

What is this?

Welcome to my website! My name is Ryan and I run the Instagram account @MCM. I have created this website for those who wish to be featured on my Instagram account.

What is a feature?

A feature gets your picture or video on my account in the form of a tweet (the style of my posts). Your account will be mentioned in the caption and a tag on the photo linking directly to your profile for all my followers to see.
Note: Not only are you purchasing a feature on my page for followers, you’ll also be paying for exposure. I have amassed a following base of 400,000+ followers and growing day by day. Other small accounts that fall in the same account niche as me (boys) will repost the feature I create for you, which will give you more exposure and recognition towards your name.

Does it cost anything?

Yes, you can see the prices up above when you first load the page. All payments are to be done via Stripe (Debit/Credit Cards)
Note: You do not need a Stripe account to make a purchase!
All information and purchases are kept confidential, nor will I ever know or have access to any of your information. All checkouts are secure, instant and guaranteed.
**If you interested in an option that isn’t listed above and would like to send a custom $xx payment, just contact me via my email address below.**

What happens when I purchase a feature?

When I receive the payment and have come up with a post that I will be posting on my page, you will receive a large audience of likes + comments on the feature. Audience will vary from accounts and engagements groups I am associated with on Instagram. This will help the post hit the explore page (not 100%) but this will expand the audience for sure!

I just purchased a feature, what do I do now?

Please email me using the contact form below or message me manually at ( ryry@minister.com ). You must include the following.

– Your Name
– Your Instagram Username
– Feature option you have purchased

You will receive a reply as soon as possible. Please be patient as time-zones may differ. I am from Australia so please allow me time to respond to your inquiries.